Quintain is a Different Kind of Legal Recruiting Firm

Our team is ready and willing to help you at any time. We can provide guidance on market conditions, compensation structure, drafting job descriptions and developing your applicant portfolio.


Many legal recruiting firms are owned and staffed by non-attorneys who don’t know what it’s like to work at, manage and grow a law firm or corporate legal department. Quintain Recruiting is different. Our principals are attorneys who use their over 25 years of combined experience as associates and partners at law firms, as corporate General Counsels and as professional third party recruiters in the legal industry to go Beyond Expectations and to Build a Better Legal Community.


Some of our competitors approach legal recruiting formulaically believing that all law firms are indistinguishable and that corporate legal departments are interchangeable. Quintain Recruiting is different. We know that law firms, practice groups and legal departments have unique cultures, various structures and distinctive business plans. We go Beyond Expectations to create a tailored search strategy for every client and every project.


Because our passion is to Build a Better Legal Community, we aren't interested in simply moving attorneys from one position to another or peppering our clients with resumes from every marginally qualified candidate. We strive to understand our clients needs by asking probing questions about their culture, growth plans, current hiring needs and long term goals. We spend time with our candidates to know them as a person and as a lawyer. In most cases, we walk our clients' halls before starting any candidate search and we ideally meet each candidate in person before their first interview for any position. Our clients and candidates appreciate our diligence and commitment to maximizing their workforce and careers.


  • Expertise in the legal industry
  • Commitment to finding a lasting fit
  • Practical understanding of your needs
  • Highest level of professionalism
  • Commitment to maintaining your confidentiality
  • Honest communication throughout the process

Jennifer Cohen

Jenni has over 12 years of legal experience working as an attorney in Denver, Colorado. During her career, Jenni’s broad exposure to practice areas ranging from litigation and employment matters to corporate and business transactions gives her a deep understanding of the multitudinous ways that lawyers... Read More

Matthew Cohen

Matt is in the business of building a better legal community by finding and placing the right talent in the right positions. He has a deep appreciation for the practice of law as he spent the first ten years of his legal career as a lawyer with the federal government, as an associate at the nationally known law firm, Perkins... Read More