At Quintain Recruiting, we are committed to placing the right people in the right positions. We pledge to be a collaborative partner for you as you accomplish your career goals in an environment that will sustain you both personally and professionally.

As attorneys ourselves, we recognize that your substantive work, colleagues, clients, environment and compensation are all independent criteria that you will evaluate, and, with luck, maximize in any new position. Every candidate will weigh these factors differently. As a result, we spend as much time as possible getting to know you and your skills, goals and needs so that we help you find your best career match, whether that is at a law firm, in a corporate law department, at a non-profit or in some other capacity. We recognize that every working environment has a different climate, different expectations and varied growth opportunities. Only when you are in the right position, will you be professionally and personally satisfied with your career and only then can we say that we have accomplished our primary goal of Building a Better Legal Community.


While some of our competitors forward your name, resume and LinkedIn profile to their clients without notifying you and in some cases without discussing the position with you at all, at Quintain Recruiting, we go Beyond Expectations by making sure that you are in charge of your career development. We view our role not as a job broker but as a counselor, coach and advocate in your professional growth. To that end, we present the pros and cons of every opportunity that may be a match for you so that you can evaluate the right fit and determine whether or not to move forward with any position. In addition, we will review your resume, writing samples, list of prior transactions and /or other application materials to help create the most attractive candidate package possible. Throughout the process, we will provide you with interview tips and preparation, salary negotiation assistance and advice on your career development, including helping you work through the plusses and minuses of any opportunity that you have developed without our assistance.

While we don’t promise to find every candidate that we work with a great new position or opportunity, we hope to be of assistance in some way to you as you build your career and to go Beyond Expectations for you.

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We spend as much time as possible getting to know you and your skills, goals and needs so that we help you find your best career match.